One very sexy power tool music video

Have you ever heard of Benny Benassi? I didn’t think so. The Italian DJ is most famous for his 2002 summer club hit “Satisfaction”. The song peaked in the UK charts at #2, and was used in several commercials throughout the world. It has also made appearances in movies, TV shows and video games.

Sex Sells Power Tools

Ok, so why in the world would we write about this? Because the video has power tools of course. Almost everything from belt sanders to saws. And did we mention it also has some scantily clad women who are working these power tools like there’s no tomorrow? Bouncing, pounding, slapping, cracking, this video has it all. So let’s do an analysis, from the viewpoint of a professional power tool review website.

Bosch 2-Speed Battery Drill

Let’s start off with our first power tool, a 2-speed battery operated drill. This compact model features impact resistant casing, and is light and easy to use. Judging from the screen capture it seems to be a Bosch drill. We are not sure if it’s 12V or 18V, but doing a quick Google search, the Bosch Green PSR-18-VE-1BAT 18 Volt Cordless Combi Drill seems like a good candidate. Keep in mind, this video was shot in 2003, and in Europe. This “green” line of Bosch power tools is primarily aimed at the DIY market. Nothing fancy here, carry on!


Masonry (Rotary Hammer) Drilling

We are unsure of this Rotary Hammer Drill model. The other model is very sweaty and oily. Back to the hammer drill. Seems to feature the basics, such as an adjustable depth stop. Judging from the handle, it looks like it’s a Milwaukee. It’s not the Milwaukee Kango 500S SDS-MAX Chiselling Hammer Drill, but it’s fairly close. If you’re going to be drilling or chipping away stone, please wear gloves.

A Masonry (Rotary Hammer) Drill with a Sexy Girl

Stripping wood(y) with a belt sander

For various health reasons, I hope she’s not stripping pressure treated wood. It looks like the video editor got some power tool terms mixed up, because “join-ery”, is mostly a term associated with power jointers, not belt sanders. That being said, we agree that domestic or professional “joint-ery” would leave a lot of people very high.

Belt Sander Sexy Girl

Grinding with an angle grinder

Apparently all the only feature of the angle grinder is a sliding trigger. At least the model seems to be handling the tool correctly, and has the necessary safety equipment in place.

Angle Grinder Sexy Girl

Heavy Duty Breaking

Ok, this is not really a power tool, but an air tool. And the CFM rating on it is 37. For what seems to be such a large tool, it’s a rather low rating. At most it’s a 30 lb. pavement breaker.

Heavy Duty Breaker Sexy Girl

Dual Action Saw

At 120V, 50Watts is around 4 Amps. The tungsten carbide blade, should handle timber from your garden. Ok, you must have a really large garden.

Dual Action Saw Sexy Girl

Orbital Sander

This model has us worried.  Wood dust is a proven carcinogen, and she has her tongue stuck out like she’s just had some KFC. She should also be wearing a NIOSH approved mask, as we do not believe the minimal dust claim!

Orbital Sander Sexy Girl

Manual Saw

So, she just stripped the wood, and now it’s time to cut it. A power saw would have been a much better choice. This manual saw features an EASI-GRIP™ handle. We tried doing a search for this product and found nothing.  The closest thing we found are these Mini Easi Grip Scissors from

Manual Saw Sexy Girl

Power Breaker

Want to compact a trench? Look no further. This is the professional model’s choice, and the heavy duty breaker and rotary hammer drill (now it’s in yellow?) make their appearance again.

Power Breaker Sexy Girls


Special Deals on all Heavy Tools

This seems to be the end of the power tool commercial. Apparently you get full warranty, and three service calls per year.  With this model, you get a hard hat, and poly grip gloves. Almost sounds like the stuff you’d find on the website of an escort agency. Apparently the clay spade for the breaker, and the bolsters must be purchased separately.  Oh, there’s always a catch!

Power Tools Specials Sexy Girl


Power Tools Sexy Girls

Watch Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

Our descriptions, can only go this far. Watch the video in full below. Leave your comments below!

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