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Quick Review: Campbell Hausfeld MP6000 Tire Inflator with Gauge

Campbell Hausfeld MP6000 Tire Inflator with Gauge

Campbell Hausfeld MP6000 Tire Inflator with Gauge

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Campbell Hausfeld has been a recognized name in air tools since the 1940’s. The company caters both to the homeowner DIY market, as well as the commercial market segment. The MP6000 Tire Inflator with Gauge is strictly aimed at the DIY market. It’s good for a variety of uses, and if you’ve been thinking of getting a tire inflator to complement your set of air compressor tools, the MP6000 will be a good addition to your tool arsenal.


The MP6000 is a one piece tool that is meant primarily for home garage or light duty use. The body of the tool offers a solid one piece all metal construction. The attached gauge has a PSI readout from 10 to 150 PSI. Using the tool is as simple as attaching it to your air compressor, positioning the chuck on the tire stem, and pulling the trigger until the desired PSI rating is achieved. If you remove the chuck from the stem, the gauge will record the pressure of the inflated component. If you’re filling up a car tire, it can serve as a good reminder to make sure that you’ve filled it up to the right PSI level.

We used a 2 gallon DELTA air compressor to do some basic tasks like inflating a car and bicycle tire. The tool worked as expected. The only negatives we found with with the MP6000 was that the chuck sometimes failed to latch on properly to the tire stem, and leaked some air. Repositioning the chuck solved the problem.


Have a compressor? Sick of taking your car to the gas station and paying a buck to inflate your tires? The MP6000 is a good investment for a variety of your inflation needs.

What’s Included in the Box?

The  MP6000 is packaged in a hangable retail package with a clear slip on cover. There are several color variations of this tool available, though they all are the same model.


  • Solid All Metal Lower Body Construction


  • Chuck


  • 10 to 150 PSI Guage
  • Warranty: 1 Year