Our Rating System

Tool Suitability Rating

This tool is suitable for DIYThe DIY icon means that the reviewed tool is suitable for DIY use. DIY usage is light and simple in nature, such as doing simple drilling or driving jobs around the home. Tools that are only rated DIY will not have enough power to drive heavy gauge screws (ie; long #10 screws) into most materials, or will only have a limited driving capacity.

This tool is suitable for DIYThe PRO icon means that the tool is suitable for professional jobs, and would be welcome by most professional contractors and handymen. PRO rated tools have suitable power to tackle the toughest of jobs. Their advantage is more power, increased run-time and better battery systems.

Our Star Rating System


Our rating system is based on a traditional 5 star system. The higher the rating, the better quality and value that the tool is.

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